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Strider Sports Balance Bikes

"If Your Kid Can Walk, They Can Ride a Strider Bike"

About Strider Sports

Strider Sports has taken it to the next level with their all new line up of balance bikes. When it comes to balance bikes, weight and fit are the two critical factors. With that in mind, Strider Bikes has greatly diversified their line up of balance bikes to fit kids as young as 18 months to as old as full grown adults! Strider balance bikes have taught over 1 million kids how to ride on 2 wheels.

The Strider Balance Bikes have been meticulously designed and refined to teach balance and coordination. From its lightweight design, to its low center of gravity and seat height, Strider offers balance bikes that can easily be controlled. Most importantly, the Strider Bike will help develop confidence and a lifelong love for bicycling.

The Strider Sports Story

Striders Sports founder, Ryan McFarland grew up with a father who owned a motorcycle shop and raced dirt bikes. Naturally riding and racing dirt bikes became a huge part of his childhood as well. When Ryan became a father he was eager to teach his little 2 year old boy to ride a bike.

But frustration set in quickly as Ryan watched his 20 pound kid struggle with the heavy 12 bike he bought him. As a father Ryan wanted to see his child succeed, his mechanical background made him think that he could make a better bike for his son.

Ryan then proceeded to strip non-essential components off the frame, cut off the upper frame rails, shrink the handlebars, and Lower the seat. After some reflective thought he decided to remove the entire drivetrain from the bike. He wanted his son to focus on balancing with a bike that was manageable with his sons petite size.

Eureka! The first Strider bike came to life. A year later at the age of 3 his son was riding a pedal bike and at 3.5 he started the family tradition of dirt biking. After a great deal of positive feedback and parent requests Ryan formed the company today known as Strider Sports which has ballooned into the largest company in the balance bike industry.

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Strider 12 Models Strider 20 Sport
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