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Glide Bikes Balance Bike
At Glide Bikes, riding bikes is passion, and they believe that the earlier kids learn how to ride a bike, the sooner they can experience the joys and freedom that we feel every time we get on a bike.  Glide Bike Balance Bikes are designed to include all age groups and skill levels, from two year
olds to adults.  In fact, the newest model, the Super Glider, is specifically designed for adults, as well as older children with special needs. 
The Glide Bike Difference
In order to make bikes that are both fun and easy to ride, Glide Bikes incorporate special balance bike technology. This means that Glide Bike Balance Bikes are low to the ground, which has several benefits. First, and most importantly, the rider has a low center of gravity, making it extremely easy to balance.  All models of Glide Bikes include a patented slow speed geometry, which allows the balance bike to achieve balance at 2mph. And, since the pavement is only inches away from the riders feet, falls are easily preventable: the rider only has to drop both feet to stop, Flintstones style. Furthermore, Glide Bike learning bikes are extremely lightweight. So, in the event of a fall, your child will not be pinned beneath the bike.
Behind the Design
The key to the design of a Balance bike is enabling balance, Glide Bikes based their first glider prototype on the same geometry as a downhill mountain bike, Glide Bikes Patented Slow speed geometry, which has a lower center of gravity to give the rider increased stability and a slower balancing speed. The first Glide Bike balance bike model was handmade out of PVC.
Since that first prototype learning bike, the company perfected the design, making minor adjustments to the steering angle and seat height, and in 2005 began to manufacture Glide Bikes by hand in Wilmington, NC.

All of these features come together to form the perfect balance bike. Children and parents alike will love the safe design of our Glide Bikes, which allows riders to simply place their feet down should they need to stop, or balance. Due to the low balancing speed and lightweight design of the balance bike, the child can easily control it without the assistance of a parent.

Mini Gliders - Designed for children ages 2 through 5 with a minimum inseam of 12"
  View the Mini Glider Bike colors
Go Glider - Designed for children ages 5 through 9 with a minimum inseam of 18". 
  View the Go Glider Bike colors.
Super Glider - Designed for children ages 10 through 99 with a minimum inseam of 25". This is a unique folding bike that features air tires and brakes.
  View the Super Glider Bike

Glide Bikes Mini Glider Glide Bikes Mini Glider Glide Bikes Mini Glider
Glide Bikes - Ezee Glider Glide Bikes Mini Glider Red Glide Bikes Go Glider
Glide Bikes - Ezee Glider
Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $99.99

Blue Glide Bike  Go Glider Pink Glide Bikes Go Glider Green Glide Bikes Go Glider
Orange Glide Bikes Go Glider Glide Bikes - 20" Super Glider