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Frog Tadpole

Frog bikes is a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children! They believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress. They have the industry awards to back up their philosophy.

Frog set about re-designing the kids' bike, sourcing a light but strong aluminum frames, and hand-picking components that offer a high performance without compromising the weight.

The founders, Jerry and Shelley, are a couple who have 2 small children of their own both keen cyclists. So they know something about what motivates children to get on their bikes! Since the first prototype arrived, the bikes have always been robustly tested by the children and all their friends.

The environment is an important factor in all the decisions Frog bikes make as a business, from recycled packaging to the green electricity they use in the warehouse and the office.

General Information

The Frog Tadpole is a high quality, lightweight, street shredding, and trail ripping balance bike. From wheel to wheel you will not find a balance bike that comes out of the box with better components. The Frog Tadpole features a lightweight design thanks to its all aluminum frame. It has a fully adjustable seat which is a rarity in the balance bike world. The Tadpole also sports one of the best designed braking systems we offer.

The Frog Tadpole comes equipped with the following high-quality name brand components such as Kenda and Tektro. All of the meticulous attention to detail make the Frog Tapole not only one of the highest performing balance bikes on the market but also one of the best looking ones too.

At the Balance Bike Shop we are importing the Frog Tadpole in limited quantities throughout the holiday season. Be sure to get one before they run out.

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Frog Tadpole
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Detailed Information

Handlebars / Headset

The headset on the Frog tadpole is hands down the best of any balance bike on the market. It is constructed in the same manner as any modern day high-end bicycle would be. It is an overall rarity to find a balance bike that does not feature a quill stem. Its sophisticated look will


The Frog Tadpoles all aluminum frame and simple design is what allows the Tapole to be both strong and light weight. Kids and parents alike love the look of the balance bike. Fun graphics decorate the bike from end to end.


The fully adjustable seat on the frog is top tier!

In addition to being given the usual vertical adjustments that all balance bikes have its set can also be adjust forward and backwards and also tilted up and down. Just like areal bike.

No other balance bike can lay claim to this.

The comfortable seat on the Tadpole offers more padding than most brands offer as well. In addition, The seat sports fun frog graphics to make it really seem polished.


The wheel set consists of a lightweight aluminum hub and rim.

Kinda tires wrap the premium wheel set. For those who may not know, Kenda is the choice of many professional athletes. The tires low durometer rating assures you that the tires will stick to the ground better than the next.


The braking system on the Frog tadpole is in a class of its own. Most balance bikes don't feature brand name braking components but the tadpole is not like most balance bikes. Quality all-aluminum machined Tektro brakes and levers are used on the bike. None of which is cheap plastic.

* It would be worth noting that since the frog is imported from the UK the rear brake is located on the left side of the handle bar. The position can be changes but it will require you to remove both grips which can be a bit of work. We recommend that you have this done at a bike shop if you are unfamiliar with working with bicycles.